About us in a nutshell

New technology develops at an alarming rate…. Business gets more competitive by the day…. Demands for speed and quality require new thinking and revised processes. Today’s business managers need to update their processes in line with customer expectations. As projects, processes and technology become more complex there is an increasing demand for project management.

We are experts in evaluating and making recommendations to business practices, technology installations and management procedures. What will be most helpful to you is a fresh perspective on your operations from a team skilled at providing companies with an outside viewpoint. This is something that many business owners and their employees find very difficult to do with their own company. Our excellent reputation has been built around personal integrity and honesty, as well as professional competency.

Every company we work for is different. And that fact is what keeps us in business…and helps you by cross-pollination of diverse business practices. The systems, structures, and behaviors that Value Management brings to your business are the processes that ensure that success.

Our clients can generally be described as having:

  • The need to identify options for process improvement.
  • The need for both speed and simplicity.
  • The need for easily managed planning and implementation methods.
  • The need for effective performance control systems that monitor accountability.
  • The need for balance of life between work and home.
  • The need to plan for a transfer of responsibilities.
  • The need to attain focus on the vital elements necessary for a successful business endeavor.
  • The need for personal growth and development.

Value Management Partners enjoys a diverse clientele, resulting in significant transfers of “best practice” techniques between industries. As a trusted business systems integrator, Value Management Partners provides information technology , Project Management , business process engineering, and supporting professional services to:

Technology Companies
Value-added Resellers
Real Estate Development
Academic Institutions
Government Agencies
Investment Companies
Software Developers
Temporary Employment
Metals Casting

We insist on preparing proposals for every consulting engagement to ensure that both you and we have a clear set of assumptions and expectations. We carry out our responsibilities on a timely basis and keep you up-to-date at all times through regular progress meetings and reports. If you are not delighted with our results, we will continue to work at no additional cost until you are!

Short Info

Don’t Be a Small Fish in a Big Pond.
VMP consultants, designers and technicians have a primary focus on serving small to medium size businesses seeking professional services and personal attention without getting lost in the maze of large design and consulting firms.
Be a Big Fish in a Small Pond Instead!
While many companies are just looking for customers, the goal here is to build long-term relationships with clients by focusing on their needs. Whether you want a few questions answered, a new website designed, or your entire business processes reviewed, you’ll always be treated like a “big fish in a small pond.”
No Surprises…Ever.
Cost is always a consideration when outsourcing any service. You’ll always receive top notch, high-value services, but one thing you won’t get is any surprises when it comes to cost. Once fees are agreed to you can be sure that there won’t be any “extras” that you’ll need to pay for….guaranteed.
What Next?
Explore the site — it’s full of information expanding and refreshed every day — give us a call to discuss your needs, or use the form on Let’s Talk….we’ll show you how to do more and more with less and less!

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