A New Day

Well after 10 years, we decided it was time to change the website. Yes, the same stinkin’ website has been up here for 10, yes 10, years! The design is completely different, and the information is in the process of updating.

While we’re updating the posts may be few….but still more frequent than has been for the last couple years. Ok, beat me…but your projects do take precedence, so forgive me!

Keep checking….please.

Updating: Most of the pages are done, but more tweaking to do. Finally going to start adding posts and changing some pictures around. Please let us know what you think and leave a comment….or use the Let’s Talk page…. or use the “old-fashioned” email :-)

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  1. AJ says:

    Just testing the comments to see how they work. Also trying from multiple browsers. We’ll see how this flies.
    So far I’m liking the site, but of course I’m a little prejudiced! :-)

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